40 years experience in Turkish Energy sector

Global Energy Management (GEM)

Activities of ENGIE’s Business Unit “Global Energy Management” in Turkey started in the first half of 2016 with a local presence in the ENGIE Headquarters in Istanbul.

Our main objective is to be a pioneer player in gas & power supply and trading in Turkey and provide services to the Group’s assets by leveraging on the expertise of the Group:

Risk Management & Market Access:
We help you design and execute bespoke hedging #energy strategies, through our worldwide-based #trading platforms and provide expertise on cross markets, products and areas. With our physical, #financial and #digital market access solutions, manage your #risk in a compliant and transparent way.

Power Asset Management:
We can manage your physical assets, ensuring your daily #operations, off-take and marketing your production. We also help you design #trading strategies to optimize the flexibility and #financial value of your #assets.

Energy Transition Services:
From increasing on-site #sustainability to generating additional revenue through flexible consumption, we help you to accelerate your energy transition, optimize your #energy production and reach your #CarbonNeutral goals.

Energy Supply & Global Commodities: 
We offer tailor-made #gas and #electricity supply solutions with the price formula (fixed, average or indexed price on power, gas or oil markets) and the volume pattern (flat, profiled, flexible, weather determined) that suit you the best. We also provide turnkey #delivery to all your sites in #Europe.


To find out more about this expertise and discover our renewables solutions, click on the following link: https://gems.engie.com/expertises/risk-management-market-access/

Contact our ENGIE Global Energy Management team for more information: gem-tr-info@engie.com